Granny square blanket – fully assembled….mostly

I have finally finished attaching all of the squares together to resemble a blanket!  There is still tons of end tucking to complete.  You may notice that the back side has a loose end on every square.  That part is definitely not my favorite.  There are also a few extra loose ends on the front side.  I’d also like to make some kind of border.  I haven’t quite decided on exactly what to do for the border.

To give you some sense of scale, this blanket is longer than my California king sized bed.  It’s about 57″ wide.  Some crocheters like to use some type of gauge to keep every piece consistent.  I choose not to be so exact.  Sometimes that bites me in the butt, but I enjoy the creative freedom.

if I ever decide to make another similar design in the future, I’d have to learn how to make the squares  in a way that allows me to tuck the ends as I go.  I generally try to stay away from motifs like this since I do not enjoy the assembly process.  I will have to try one of the join as you go (JAYGO) techniques next time.

I guarantee that my next project will be something of a more continuous nature.  I already have the new yarn ready to go!  Stay tuned!


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