Bev’s 5-Day Lovee Blankee

I’ve already started a new project!  I’m trying to use up some of my Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn.  I’m planning to use my two 10.5 oz skeins of neopolitan.  I think one of the skeins is partially used, so it may not be a full two skeins.  We’ll see how far it goes.  I’m using this pattern:  It’s working up pretty nicely.  


Tunisian afghan is finally finished!

I finally finished the Tunisian afghan yesterday!   I think it was one of the most time-consuming projects I have ever attempted.  It will be a long time before I make another one with the same pattern!  I’ll try to post a picture of it later.  I used a simple two rows of double crochet for the border with five DCs in each corner,

Diagonal Pattern aka Corner to Corner

The diagonal is my default pattern these days.  I can whip up a pretty decent sized blanket so quickly, it’s scary!  I made this one with six rows of each color.  As I recall, the border was two rows of SC, one row of trebles (I think) and two rows of SC.  I’ll just have to try it again!

I made this blanket for my auntie’s 98th birthday.  She loved it!  I used Red Heart Soft yarn.